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We design and deliver barrier and door systems for energy efficiency, safety and hygiene control.
From our base in the Blue Mountains, we service industries across NSW, from healthcare to retail to mining and heavy industry.
Our track record means that when you choose Carona, you can depend on the quality of our service, and the value of our products.


You need confidence that your equipment will last the distance and deliver outstanding value.
When energy control, hygiene and security count, Carona is the right choice.

Success Built on Trust

We're proud to be an Australian manufacturing success story. Over our 30 years in business, we've grown and our clients have grown with us, from global retailers like Woolworths to local hospitals. Every Carona product is designed and made in our factory in New South Wales. We find the best suppliers in the business and stand by them. This all adds up to unmatched quality and value. Each door and every frame is built to last and delivered on time.

About Us - Success Built on Trust

Certified Quality

We know that it's still possible to manufacture products that are both high-quality and exceptional value. When you buy a Carona product, you gain the confidence that what you're getting is fit for purpose.

Our products are:

About Us - Certified Quality

Unmatched Service

In your industry, you need the confidence that your equipment is fully supported. Every Carona product is designed for low-maintenance, so you save on running costs right from day one. When you do need to get a replacement part, our responsive service team will be out to your site on time, every time. We'll even service competitor products, if that's what it takes to get your facility back up and running.

About Us - Unmatched Service