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Compass System

Truck Mounted Sliding Curtains


Keep your stock cool from start to finish

We've designed a movable strip-curtain system for refrigerated transport. Our goal: to keep your trucks running efficiently all day, from loading a delivery right up until they return to the warehouse.

When truck is first loaded, you want the full container volume to be refrigerated. As you remove stock, conventional thermal barriers will waste energy by refrigerating empty space.

Carona has created a unique solution: a track-mounted movable strip curtain that you adjust as the stock volume expands and contracts. The curtain moves on two axes — up and down the truck body, and across the body to clear an opening for uninterrupted access. You control the space.



Saves energy: only cool the area you need

Saves energy: only cool the area you need

  • The strip curtain slides up and down the truck body.
  • Save fuel costs.
Preserves stock

Preserves stock

  • Cut stuck spoilage by stabilising temperature.
  • Carona's strip curtains stabilise the temperature of your stock by creating an extra thermal barrier when the truck door opens.
  • Cut condensation and icing.

Saving energy with strip curtains: the evidence

Carona's strip curtains are scientifically proven to keep temperatures lower and steadier. Tests conducted by the University of New South Wales showed that our strip curtains stop 93% of air movement and deliver energy savings of up to 24% per day.

Not only will you see lower energy costs; you'll also preserve your stock. More stable temperatures cut the condensation and ice build-up that make fresh produce spoil faster.

Smaller chiller at +2°C: 24% energy saving per day

Test Results

Industrial freezer at -11°C: 11% energy saving per day

Test Results

Details of tests

20 degrees ambient temperature
10 door opening cycles in 24 hours

Choose your Options

  • Size.
  • PVC panels or PVC strip curtains.
  • Pull cord length.
  • Santoprene gaskets for the tracks to give maximum insulation.
  • Stainless steel carrier for cross-slider curtains in wet environments.
  • Polaflex or Duraflex PVC.