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Automatically Folding

Glide-Away Doors


Doors that fold away in an instant

You’re looking for a door that ticks every box. Let people pass through, even with full hands. Cut climate control costs from heat out of coolrooms. And make the of limited space. The Glideaway door delivers on all fronts. It elegantly folds open to rest flush against the wall, saving you valuable floor space. There’s plenty of room for people to flow through. It automatically closes after them, sealing in the cool air.



Space saving


  • Glide-Away doors feature an elegant folding action: each door rests flush against the wall and takes up only 100mm of space. The doors open quickly and smoothly, leaving plenty of room to move through. When every inch of retail floor space is valuable, Glide-Away is the right solution.
Energy saving

Energy Saving

  • Cut costly air leakage with automatically closing doors. No more coolrooms left open.
  • You’ll save on refrigeration costs for the climate-controlled area — and save on heating costs for the rest of your store.
User friendly

Rigorously Tested

  • Every unit is tested in our factory before it’s shipped out. We run through checks from the finish on the frames to the door sensors.
  • All units are backed by Carona’s warranty and service guarantee.
Quick to install

Precision Operation

  • Carona’s precision-engineered doors are whisper quiet: one more feature that adds up to a seamless experience.
  • Radar and infrared sensors can be uniquely commissioned to each individual application.
Fit for purpose


  • Automatic-opening doors make life easier for your customers and staff. Your customers will appreciate the convenience of carrying large purchases straight from the coolroom. Your staff will appreciate how easy it is to move stock quickly and safely.
  • Radar sensors ensure safe passage of customers without the risk of being impacted by the closing doors.
  • Doors are fitted with an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) so the door still operates in the event of an emergency.

Choose your Options

Door Size

  • Standard and custom sizing available.
  • Request a spec sheet for exact sizing details.


  • Choose your glazing type: Double, triple or quad-glazed.
  • Glass coating: Heat reflecting or anti-fog film.


  • Standard powder-coat colours.
  • Anodised black, bright polish, natural brushed.
  • Custom anodised colours.


  • 300mm high.
  • 900mm high.
  • Custom sizing.

Glass & Frame Heating

  • Temperature to suit coolroom installations.

Optimum Seals

  • For maximum control of air temperature and air pressure.

Activation Methods

  • Push button.
  • Swipe-card connection point.
  • Interlock controls.
  • Radar sensor.
  • Laser sensor.
  • Remote control.
  • Hand swipe.

Infill Panels

  • Thermal infill panels as an alternative to glass.