All Purpose Doors

Thermal Traffic Doors (4500 Series)

Double-swing insulating doors: ideal for fast access from shop-floor to loading areas

Autoslider Doors

Sensor-operated sliding doors that reduce heat transfer. Choose from a range of opening controls.

Glide-Away Doors (Automatically Folding)

An elegant solution for coolrooms, with unique folding action. Each door panel takes up just 100mm. Features automatic closing, so your doors are never left open.

Sliding Pedestrian Access Doors (7000 series)

We've added the sliding action to keep the opening door out of the way of people and vehicles. Improved safety and faster access are the results.

High-Speed Roller Doors (Movidor)

Ultra fast roller-door, designed for high-traffic areas. Door tracks feature a durable, self-correct action to reset after an impact, saving on repair costs.

Personnel access doors (5000 series)

Insulated, corrosion-resistant doors that can be hosed down without warping or cracking.

Walk-Thru Doors (Robust and Reliable)

Robust, affordable swing doors, that can lock open with the push of a finger.