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4500 Series

Thermal Traffic doors


Gain easy access without sacrificing safety

Carona's double-swing insulating doors suit all high-traffic environments, whether it's a hospital corridor, or a factory loading area.

Each door opens smoothly with one push. Optional tensioned buffers stop the door flying open, and view panels give staff on each side a clear view. Together, these features dramatically reduce the risk of accidents.

The thermal traffic door comes with the durability and energy efficiency you expect from Carona: our doors will outlast and outperform the competition.



Peak energy efficiency

Peak energy efficiency

  • Insulating value of at least R2.5 for every door.
  • Energy saving features from the outside in: 4mm thick polyethylene shell, full rubber seals and high-density CFC-free Urethane foam core.
Fast, smooth traffic flow

Fast, smooth traffic flow

  • Double-swing action.
  • For light traffic flow, we add kick-plates so staff can open the door easily even when they have their hands full.
  • For trolley traffic, we add pre-tensioned buffers that absorb the force of contact so the door opens gently.


  • Always see who's on the other side of the door - 3mm thick polycarbonate double-glazing and ABS surrounds.
  • Stop mould and bacteria build up: a one piece moulded shell with an easy-clean finish.
  • Add custom-designed signs for safety notices.
Easy to install

Easy to install

  • Custom-made to suit any application.
  • We can retro fit to almost any door opening with no construction work required.
  • Lubrication-free mechanism.
  • Fully adjustable spring tension, so you can control how fast the door opens and closes.
Easy to maintain

Easy to maintain

  • Optional buffers absorb impacts, protecting your door panel and frame and saving on repairing structural damage.
  • Lubrication-free mechanism.
  • Sacrificial hinge pivot designed to break under extreme force to protect your walls and frames. The pivot can be replaced easily and cheaply, saving you more expensive repairs.


  • Add signage
  • Choose double or single doors
  • Add kickplates — available in grey or black
  • Add hold-open magnets
  • Add buffers
    • Up to 680mm high FFL: available in grey and black
    • Up to 1000mm high FFL: available grey, black and safety yellow
  • Add a full stainless steel spring
  • Add windows: 750mm x 250 mm
    • Double-glazed 3mm thick polycarbonate windows fitted with injection moulded ABS frames
    • Choose from safety glass with stainless steel surrounds or flush mounted windows
  • Choose your colour