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Coolroom and freezer doors


Durability and efficiency: the complete solution for coolrooms and freezers

Most coolroom and freezer doors run on floor-mounted tracks. Their rubber seals drag along the wall, eroding the seal and staining the surface. Their tracks are cut into expensive floor finishes.

We've solved these problems with a unique wall-mounted curved track. The track lifts the door clear of the walls, preserving the seals and protecting your surfaces.

That's just one aspect of why our coolroom and freezer doors are the best in the market.



Peak insulation

Peak insulation

  • Bulb seals on every door trap an air column, for greater insulation than solid rubber seals.
  • A large aluminium profile encases the insulated panel core, making a full thermal break between the door and wall.
Designed for durability

Designed for durability

  • Cut wear on the seals and your wall surfaces: Carona's unique track system lifts the door clear of the wall, so the seal won't drag.
  • In-door heating cables stop the door seals freezing and shattering if the door is left open – unlike standard doors, which only heat the frames.
  • Large-diameter running wheels distribute weight evenly to extend the life of your parts.
Easy to operate

Easy to operate

  • Reduce OH&S risks: one person can open the door easily and safely with one hand, thanks to spring-loaded action.
  • Add a motorised action with an optional belt driver unit: smoother and quieter than chain drive systems.


  • No exposed fasteners means no raised surfaces to harbour bacteria and contaminants.
  • Smooth composite plastic surface for easy wash-down.


  • Add an auto-opening drive unit, with a range of activation options:
    • Button
    • Swipe card
    • Floor induction loop – detects metal objects like forklifts and not people, so you avoid false triggers.
    • Remote control (up to eight channels)
    • Radar (set direction, range and profile)
    • Pull cords
  • Add a phosphorescent door release, so people can get out of the cool room in a blackout
  • Choose the panel thickness:
    • 75mm
    • 100mm
    • 150mm