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Impact protection


Protect your investments

Every year, huge maintenance budgets are spent repairing walls and doors damaged by impact. Trolleys, pallet jacks, forklifts and general wear and tear all take their toll.

Carona’s wall-protection products are designed to reduce the unsightly damage to expensive surface treatments in areas of constant heavy traffic flows.

Coloured throughout the material thickness, our corrosion-resistant materials never require paint or surface treatments. Almost all our products offer concealed fasteners to eliminate build-up from food residues and harmful bacteria.



Bump rails

Heavy trolley and forklift traffic

  • Two-piece construction for maximum impact absorption. If the outer layer is damaged, it can be replaced quickly and cheaply, leaving your wall and fixings intact.
  • Concealed fixings are more hygienic, with no raised surfaces to harbour bacteria
  • A smooth, presentable finish
  • Manufactured from corrosion-resistant,
  • UV-stabilised PVC
  • Curved bump rails, end caps and 90° corner guards available
  • Custom colours available..
Bump rails: heavy trolley and forklift traffic

Rub rails

Hand trolley and pallet traffic

  • High-impact-resistant A3-grade extruded PVC or aluminium
  • Ribbed surface protects corridor walls from grazes, rubs and glancing impacts
  • End caps available
Rub rails: hand trolley and pallet traffic


Blocking impacts and preventing access

  • Manufactured from high-density polyethylene, with galvanised steel inserts available for maximum strength
  • Fits any floor type: available in cast-in or bolt-on
  • Footing cover is included to reduce cleaning time by stopping residues building up around the base
  • Choose from safety yellow, blue or red
Bollards: blocking impacts and preventing access

Custom solutions

Shielding your walls and corners

Keep all of your walls easy to clean and free of damage in your high traffic areas. Carona will measure and fit custom wall protection to protect your valuable investments. Contact our sales staff to discuss your options.

Impact bands