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5000 series

Personnel access doors


The natural choice for wet areas and hygiene-controlled environments

Corrosion resistance is the key to our doors' durability. A waterproof one-piece shell withstands the knocks that chip and crack other doors.

Carona's doors are easy to maintain, and guaranteed to fit your current frame. Our doors outlast the competition, for major cost savings over the life of the product.


TYPES The Personnel access door is available in two models

5000 Series

5000 Series

  • Impact resistant polyethylene and high-density core for maximum insulation value.


  • High gloss Fibreglass iso-polyester resin and resin-impregnated core to withstand large temperature variations: an air-conditioned factory on one-side — a hot summer's day on the other. Competitors' doors will buckle in these conditions.


Withstands wet environments

Withstands wet environments

  • Each panel comes with a 10-year warranty against corrosion.
  • One-piece waterproof casing, with no glues, seams or laminates that peel away and let moisture seep in.
  • Won't warp or expand with humidity like exposed timber doors.
  • Can be hosed-down daily for maximum hygiene control.
Tough outer casing with impregnated colour

Tough outer casing with impregnated colour

  • The door's shell is impervious to almost all standard cleaning chemicals and industrial solvents.
  • Won't dint or crack if it is hit by a trolley.
  • Colour-impregnated panels will never need painting or surface treatment: flaking, chipped paint surfaces are a thing of the past.
Corrosion-resistant fittings

Corrosion-resistant fittings

  • Stainless steel handles, door closers and fire exit panic bars
  • Chrome and stainless steel lock sets.
  • Stainless steel protective end caps and kick plates.
  • Stainless steel surface or flush bolts.
  • Continuous stainless steel hinges with ball-bearings.
Insulation value

Insulation value

  • An outstanding minimum insulating value of 2.5.
  • Energy rating of ultra high density CFC Free Urethane foam core (5000 series) or resin-impregnated wood (5000FG).
  • Doors come standard with replaceable bottom gasket seal and optional full surround seals for maximum insulation.
Fits easily to your door frame

Fits easily to your door frame

  • Can be mounted to your door frame or Carona's frame range.
  • Available in kit form with our hardware and fasteners — or our qualified installation team will fit the door for you.


  • Choose your door panel type: 5000 or 5000FG series
  • Add full surround seals.
  • Add fittings
    • Lock sets
    • Choose surface or flush bolts
    • Add fire exit panic bars
    • Add kick plates
    • Add door closers
    • Add hold-open magnets
    • Add protective end caps
  • Add windows: 750mm x 250 mm
    • Double-glazed 3mm thick polycarbonate windows fitted with injection moulded ABS frames
    • Choose from safety glass with stainless steel surrounds or flush mounted windows
  • Choose sizes
  • Choose your colour