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PVC Strip Curtains


Cost-effectiveness & control: the perfect balance

Whether you need thermal barriers for hygiene protection, or flexible floorplans, Carona will supply the right curtains for your area.

  • For doorways, we recommend PVC strip curtains.
  • For refrigerated trucks, Carona has created a unique solution: the Compass system with movable track mounting.

Fitting a PVC strip curtain to your doorway gives you another layer of hygiene and climate control: when the door opens, the strip curtains are still there, protecting your space.

Strip curtains are also a great solution for marking off special-purpose areas, from welding bays to fume zones.



Save energy

Save Energy

  • Laboratory-proven to save energy.
  • Cut refrigeration costs.
  • Cut air-conditioning costs.
  • Fitting strip curtains to your doorway gives you another layer of thermal control that lets people in but keeps warm air out.
  • See below for the evidence.
Preserve stock

Preserve Stock

  • Stabilise room temperatures to extend your stock's shelf life.
  • Prevent condensation by creating a barrier to in-flowing warm air. PVC curtains also stop damaging temperature fluctuations.
Maintain hygiene

Maintain Hygiene

  • Strip curtains keep out insects and bacteria that flow in through an open doorway.
  • For hygiene-controlled areas, such as laboratories and packaging plants, strip curtains are the second line of defence.
Stop welding glare

Stop Welding Glare

  • Welding-bay PVC curtains stop flare and sparks, while allowing easy access when your staff need to move heavy equipment.
  • Made from self-extinguishing PVC.
  • Mount your strip curtain to a track system so you can slide the curtain away when not in use.

Saving energy with strip curtains: the evidence

Carona's strip curtains are scientifically proven to keep temperatures lower and steadier. Tests conducted by the University of New South Wales showed that our strip curtains stop 93% of air movement and deliver energy savings of up to 24% per day.

Not only will you see lower energy costs; you'll also preserve your stock. More stable temperatures cut the condensation and ice build-up that make fresh produce spoil faster.

Smaller chiller at +2°C: 24% energy saving per day

Test Results

Industrial freezer at -11°C: 11% energy saving per day

Test Results

Choose your Options


  • Custom made to suit any size requirements.


  • Available in a wide range of colours.

PVC Type

  • Duraflex.
  • Bumperstrip.
  • Polaflex.
  • Supapolaflex.
  • Spectraflex.
  • Insect Repellant.
  • Welding Strip.

Mounting Solution

  • Covered track.
  • Two-way headrail.
  • Hook & eyelet.
  • Sliding track.
  • Ring system.