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High-Speed Roller Doors


The roller-door with unmatched speed and safety

Movidor gives you instant control over your environment: temperature, hygiene and access — with a modern, professional look.

Our German-engineered drive action rapidly raises the door clear of fast-moving traffic.

Movidor is designed to withstand constant use. Because traffic doesn't touch the door, you'll still have the same reliable and energy-efficient action thousands of cycles later.



Movidor - Ambient Temperature

Temperature levels stay consistent

The all-purpose door. Wherever fast access is a priority, Movidor delivers, from hospitals and retail to food processing and concrete plants. Our rapid-action doors minimise flow of air and contaminants — or pests and intruders. And a host of engineering features make for a robust, reliable door. Movidor takes care of your environment and the people working in it.

Anodised frame PVC swing doors (2400 series)

Movichill - Freezer Rooms

Maximum temperature stability

Custom-designed for freezer rooms in distribution and food processing facilities, Movichill is optimised for the lowest temperatures. Featuring heated tracks, motors and columns to prevent ice build-up, your Movichill will always run at peak efficiency. And with a 25mm insulated curtain, Movichill provides maximum temperature control.

Heavy-duty frame PVC swing doors (3000 series)

Movitherm - Ambient/Chiller

Keeping your food and drinks cool, clean and safe

For coolrooms and cold storage, Movitherm brings the speed and efficiency of Movidor, with added insulation. A 4mm thick, insulated foam-backed curtain stops heat transfer, and when you need to move stock, our rapid action and automatic triggers keep opening cycles fast while also reducing heat leakage.

Heavy-duty frame PVC swing doors (3000 series)

Movishutter - External Security

Easy and safe to use, elegant in design

When security and speed are paramount, Movishutter comes to the fore. Fitted to the outside of your building, a high-speed aluminium slat shutter stops intruders, while the foam-filled double wall slat provides excellent insulation value. Movishutter also comes with the fast access, ease of use and robust engineering that runs throughout our entire rapid door range.

Heavy-duty frame PVC swing doors (3000 series)




  • Lightning-fast operation (up to 2.0m/s ) so your staff can get access quicker and complete tasks sooner.
  • Optional automatic triggers so your staff don’t have to interrupt their work to open the door.
  • Curtain runs on PVC-lined deep tracks for fast, smooth operation, even in high-wind conditions.


  • High-vis flexible lower batten deforms on impact then springs back into shape. It won’t crush anything or anyone caught when it closes.
  • Integrated windows give your staff visibility to prevent collisions. High-vis batons and door frames add another layer of protection.
  • Optional LED curtain position safety system.


  • The door that fixes itself in the event of heavy impact: the curtain swings out then resets itself into the tracks. This protects the curtain and the track, which saves you on repair costs.
  • Motorised opening action eliminates the contact with staff and trolleys that will wear your doors down.
  • Tough PVC-coated curtain with integrated wind battens.
  • Hood covers the motor for longer-lasting parts, better presentation, hygiene, and easy cleaning.


  • Choose the control that suits your workflow:
    • Button.
    • Swipe card.
    • Floor induction loop – detects metal objects like forklifts and not people.
    • Remote control (up to eight channels).
    • Radar (set direction, range and profile).
    • Pull cords.
  • Variable speed and soft start/close.

Extra-Cold Environments

  • Curtain includes a layer of insulating polyurethane foam. This layer reduces temperature transfer from your refrigerated area, cutting your energy costs.
  • Heated frames and pelmets stop ice build-up, so your door runs smoothly even in sub-zero conditions.

Choose your Options


  • From personnel doors up to 8m wide.


  • Clear PVC (standard).
  • Mesh to allow airflow.
  • Quantity, sizing and position.


  • Sensors for additional safety:
    • Infrared.
    • Photo cells.
    • LED positional system.

Frame Colour

  • Anodised silver as standard.
  • Can be powder-coated to any colour.


  • Curtain insulating foam and heated frames for extra-cold environments.

Activation Method

  • Button.
  • Swipe card.
  • Floor induction loop.
  • Remote control.
  • Radar.
  • Pull cords.

UPS Backup

  • UPS power failure unit to keep work flowing.

Control Cabinet Finish

  • Powder-coated (standard).
  • Stainless steel (optional).

Manual Chain

  • Manual chain opening device for safety.

Curtain Colour

  • 7 standard colours.
  • Unlimited colours available on request.